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The Realms of Weirdness...


Gabriel Damon
24 April 1990
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Name: Gabriel

Age: 16

Gender: Male(biologically female)

Sexual Orientation: pansexual

Status: In A Relationship

Location: Mississippi,USA

Diagnosises: Asperger Syndrome,Bipolar Disorder,Attention Deficit Disorder,Social Anxiety Disorder

Nicknames: Gabey,Gabes,Space

hobbies: reading,writing,drawing,singing,playing musical instruments,riding horses,learning new things,painting,playing on the computer,listening to music

obsessions/interests: Anime,comic books,manga,psychology,history,art,music

likes: My hobbies and interests,people who have the same interests and hobbies as me,interesting people,people who understand,people who can forgive,people who don't judge too harshly,people who like to have fun,people who know who they are inside,and people who accept others for who they are

dislikes:people who pity the 'handicapped',people who are overly-judgmental,people that are stereotypical,people who lable others by the way they dress,people who want others to feel sorry for them,people that are ignorant about things that they should/could know about,people that lie too much

THIS JOURNAL IS FRIENDS ONLY!!!(Comment to be added)

Note:Yes,there are some things about me that I want only my TRUE friends to know.I'm a pretty accepting and loving person,but there are some things that I'd rather tell ONLY my friends,if at all.If you DO decide to add me,be prepared for EXTREME weirdness,EXTREME randomness,and EXTREME deep thoughts.And please,PLEASE(!)leave a comment saying that you added me so I'll add you back.